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About Shooting

Shooting EN
I accept various requests such as portrait shoots, shootings for exhibitions and photo books, fashion and hair modelling jobs etc.
While I definitely accept shoots based on the idea of the photographer or brand, as a model who values an expression of my own inner self, I may ask you to incorporate my vision into the shoot as well.
※As a rule, I do not accept nude / seminude,  swimsuit, lingerie shoots, shooting for adult purposes, etc. If you are a swimsuit or lingerie/fashion brand, please consult. 

Regarding shooting areas and places

I am primarily active in Fukuoka, but I also accept shooting requests in surrounding areas. Expeditions to farther areas are also possible if the photographer can cover the actual expenses such as transportation and accommodation.
In order to prepare for emergency accidents etc., please notify me in advance about the shooting area and location.
Both outdoor and indoor shoots are possible, but I do ask the photographer to pay the admission or rental fees etc. where they are required.
※As a rule, I do not accept shooting in private rooms such as hotels, condominiums etc., or consuming alcohol by either party during the shoot.

Shooting Precautions

If you do not have prior confirmation or agreement, I strongly prohibit selling photos or offering them free of charge without permission.
Regarding social media use, you can publish the photos freely except for commercial, adult, or slander purposes.
Please make sure to consult about commercial use and use for photo exhibitions / contests etc.
Excessive body touch and interference with my private life are strictly prohibited.
I refuse the following acts completely without exception:
  • Taking photos that may be perceived as nudity, obscene or excessive sexual expression etc.
  • Physically dangerous shoots which may cause accidents and injuries
  • Trying to obtain personal information about me such as detailed place of residency, telephone number, private e-mail address, etc. 
Shooting JP






  • ヌードに見える表現、卑猥な表現、過度な性的表現など。
  • 事故や怪我などの危険を伴う撮影。
  • 詳細な居住地、電話番号、Eメールアドレスなどの個人情報を聞く行為。
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