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Image terms of service

Image terms of service

January 1, 2019

Although we post pictures of various photographers on this site, since all contents included in this website are restricted in use, when using this, before using Be sure to read the following usage conditions carefully.

In addition, if you use this website, you agree to the following matters.

  1. Usage restrictions on copyright and data
    The images, movies, sounds, texts posted on this website are protected by copyright (or neighboring rights) by us or each rights owner.

  2. Except as permitted by law, we can not do the act listed below without our permission.
    (1)Duplicate (copy) the publication. This applies to all copying acts including printing, shooting, recording, recording and other methods.
    (2)Transmitting or posting the publication on the network.This is also true for networks not intended for profit.
    (3)Lending publications. Of course, including rental business is included.
    (4)To conduct acts (adaptation acts) such as translating, arranging or deforming the publications, dramatizing, processing, etc.
    (5)All matters restricted by the copyright law and other laws.
    (6)Others that we deemed unusable due to similar acts as above.

  3. Disclaimer
    We disclaim any warranty as to the publications of this website, whether express or implied. Through the use of this website, we will assume any damages, cost burdens, repair of data and other responsibilities even if the situations (such as, but not limited to) the following specific examples occur not.
    (1)When problems with the content of the website (including normality, accuracy, reliability, merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose) arise.
    (2)When a virus or other harmful item exists on each website or server.
    (3)When trouble related to transmission / reception of data material of each website occurs.etc.






  1. 著作権とデータなどの使用制限

  2. 法律で認められている場合を除き、弊社の許可なく下記に掲げます行為をなすことはできません。

  3. 免責事項


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